Asian Hotpot is becoming increasingly popular all over the world, due in part to the rising interest in convivial dining and bold, spicy flavours. Hot Pot restaurants have started popping up across the USA and are bringing an international take to this traditional Asian crowd-pleaser with Latin American and Caribbean spins. 

Naman Special Hotpot at Naman Retreat, Da Nang, Vietnam

Visitors to Vietnam will come across hotpot in its many regional forms - with Asian mushrooms and duck in Northern Vietnam, seafood and beef in the Central region, Thai style in the South and one distinctive version from the Mekong Delta called Lẩu Mắm. Chef Nguyen Thanh Hieu and the culinary team at Naman Retreat have created their own Naman Special Hotpot including ingredients such as lemongrass, crab, beef strips, green chili, tofu, Enoki mushrooms and noodles. 

Naman Retreat